Developer Build 1.0.06

Its been an incredible 48 hours with just under 900 views and 162 Downloads. Not bad for a game that just started development and not much is working yet! And thanks to some kind donations we even made it into the itch hot list of top donated free games. 

Thank you for the comments and suggestions that have come in. They can only benefit the final version of the game. 

So in this build I have implemented one of those suggestions which is in game help. This also has a side benefit to me as I can indicate what has been implemented and what hasn't. The scales are definitely on the side of not implemented but that will change over time. 

I also got a Mac build up and running and uploaded here - Again a request which I am happy to oblige. 

Enjoy poking around at this latest build


Files 113 MB
Version 1.0.06 Jun 04, 2018 110 MB
Version 1.0.06 Jun 04, 2018

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