Developer Build 1.0.07

Welcome to the Developer Build 1.0.07 of Valor and Victory

Developer build means the game is still being developed with development starting May 25th 2018

Features will be missing and things may break! This is a chance for fans of the game to be involved in development of the game from day one.

You should not consider this to be a representation of the final game.

Whats new in this build?

  • Faster Loading of game after selecting "Play"
  • Major rework of movement code. 
  • When moving hexes marked with Red number indicate you will be over stacked and cannot stay in that hex at end of  movement

Any feedback or questions ping me in the discord channel or feel free to email me at

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Version 1.0.07 Jun 05, 2018 110 MB
Version 1.0.07 Jun 05, 2018

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